Lake and Pond Management Services

Welcome to Rising Sun Aquatics! We are a home based, locally family owned and operated  business serving the lake and pond management needs of Central Indiana since 1994.

We at Rising Sun Aquatics know the pride and enjoyment provided to all who live on or nearby a clean lake or pond, as well as those who work daily in a business park environment, sitting  nearby an attractive pond enjoying a lunch break, or simply enjoying the view from the office window. This is just one of the many reasons we pay  such close attention to our customer's lakes and ponds. Each application is made by courteous, licensed, and certified aquatic(cat5) applicators who  manage and service each site for undesirable aquatic weeds and algae as if it were his or her own, striving to maintain a clean and attractive appearance throughout the season. Scheduled visits for inspections and/or treatments begin April 1st and run through October 31st, and are made approximately every 2 weeks, with more frequent inspections/treatments made during unusually high periods of peak algae/nuisance aquatic weed growth. We feel this season long attention will maintain your site to your expectations, while taking great care not to disturb the ecosystem's delicate balance. Rising Sun Aquatics uses only EPA registered for aquatic use materials.

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Rising Sun Aquatics
Lake and Pond Management Services
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